This document describes the settings needed by la_facebook.

FACEBOOK_ACCESS_SETTINGS this is the only setting required. It is a dictionary of app specific settings as follows:

FACEBOOK_APP_ID - this is a key that uniquely identifies your Facebook app, in the common case, the Facebook app will be your project or site.

FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET - This secret is used in generating the authenticated token. Both the key and the secret are available through the Facebook’s Developer app.

CALLBACK (optional) - this is a dotted module path string (similar to using a string for a view) that points to a subclass of la_facebook.callbacks.default. The default value is “la_facebook.callbacks.default.default_facebook_callback”

PROVIDER_SCOPE (optional) - a list, of strings, of permissions to ask for. The list of these is here

LOG_LEVEL (optional) - A string value containing one of standard python logging levels of DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR or CRITICAL. Defaults to “ERROR”, which should be relatively quiet.

LOG_FILE (optional) - The path to a file that will received appended logging information. By default, logged messages will print to stdout.


        # The following keys are optional
        # "CALLBACK": "la_facebook.callbacks.default.default_facebook_callback",
        # "PROVIDER_SCOPE": ['email','read_stream'],
        # "LOG_LEVEL": "DEBUG",
        # "LOG_FILE": "/tmp/la_facebook.log",